privacy policy

In Antenna site maker, Upon offer a variety of services, we have to take your personal information of customers.

■ definition of personal information

Personal information, e-mail address to get from the user through this service, password, refers to the other users personally identifiable information. Personal information to be acquired, will be limited to information that you register in this service from the user.

Antenna site maker will comply with laws and regulations related to personal information, we will achieve the proper handling of personal information.

■ About the acquisition of personal information

Antenna site maker, we will get a proper personal information regardless of the deception or other wrongful means.

In this service, we use cookies to retrieve information. Cookies, when a user visited the site, will be recorded in the user's computer. However, the information to be recorded, such as name and e-mail address, does not contain any intended to identify the individual. In addition, at this site, and to analyze whether the people of the users are interested in what services and functions, is a case where I am allowed to use these for effective ad delivery on the web Yes you. If you feel resistance to information acquired using these cookies, it is also possible to set the acceptance rejection of cookies in your browser. However, because there is if the service does not work correctly by some of the content and functions in that case, please be forewarned.

■ About use of personal information

Antenna site maker is, the personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes, we will use.

- This service, as well as for the provision of other information related to this service

Users of identification for

And notification of the service of operational matters necessary (assuming including by e-mail.)

• This service operator and the advertising or promotion of products such as third-party (assuming including by e-mail.)

Mail magazine transmission of this service is seems to be useful to the user of everyone

• On this service, the creation and utilization statistics in a range that does not personally identifiable

Of data necessary, to the new development of this service analysis and analysis

- User behavior, gender, ad delivery using, for example, access history

Of - based on the laws and regulations exercise and obligations of

And after-sales service, various inquiry correspondence for

■ disclosure of personal information, corrections for deletion

For personal information, it is disclosed to third parties without the user's consent, do not do as a general rule.

However, if you apply to any of the following, this service information towards the user has registered, usage history, confirm such as the contents of such messages, writing, and image, in some cases these information third party you may want to disclose, correct or delete the.

1. court, police, or other judicial or administrative authority, if there is a query based on the laws and regulations from a person pursuant to this

2. If the problems in the maintenance of the Service or the system may occur

3. violation of the laws and regulations or conventions that this service is set, if it is determined that there is other conventional wisdom on the issue

4. The service operator, other users or other third-party rights, or if the profits necessary for the protection of,

5. When it is determined that the need in the provision of this service, lawyers, etc., if you want to disclose to those who bear a confidentiality obligation to the service

6. merger, at the time of the succession of the business due to business transfer or other reasons, the case of disclosure to the person to succeed to the business

7.'s life, it is necessary for the protection of the body or property, if it is even more difficult to obtain the consent of the user

■ About personal information change

Users will be able to change, add, or delete at any time the personal information registered in this service.

■ Disclaimer

In the following cases, relates to the acquisition of personal information by a third party, this service does not assume any responsibility.

1. Using the feature or another means on the service if his user revealed personal information to other users

2. The activity information of the other information and the user has to input the users themselves, unexpectedly if the person has had can be identified

3. If a non-user himself was to get the information that can identify the individual (ID · password, etc.)

■ about updating the privacy policy

This service, in order to achieve the protection of personal information, as needed change and of laws and regulations, you may want to revise the privacy policy. In that case, and for the latest privacy policy on this service, we will inform you. Please check each time, we ask that you understand the privacy policy of this service.

■ Inquiries about privacy policy

Inquiries about the privacy policy of this service, please contact us to こちら.