Terms of service

Upon use of this service, we set this convention.

Is when this site available Please read the contents of this agreement, please use only if our consent in advance.

In addition, by where you are and the registration process, it is assumed that had you accept the contents of this Agreement.

The contents of this Agreement shall be revised without prior notice, if necessary. In the case of use, please refer to the latest Terms and Conditions. In addition, even if there is a revision of the Terms of the future, is to everyone of users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") will be deemed continue to have our terms of the agreement.

■ About personal information

This service, the registration information of all users, in accordance with the laws and regulations related to personal information, and shall be properly handled.

■ prohibited acts

Users In use of this site, and you shall not take the act that falls, similar to any of the following.

If applicable, similar to any of the following, without contact to the user's consent user, and shall be able to cancel the user credentials.

- Public order contrary to act

- Acts that lead to criminal behavior

The act of violation, to the laws and regulations

- Election of the pre-campaign, election campaign or acts that are similar to these. And the act of violation of the Public Offices Election Law

• The site and unrelated organizations, service, act for the purpose of solicitation to the activities

• The services or intellectual property rights of third parties, including other users, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, prejudice to any other right or interest act

- The act of giving a disadvantage to a third party, including the Service or other user

• The service or act of slander other users

- With other users or third parties, buying and selling, gifts and financial interests of the generated action

Computer virus, etc., act on the fault in the system infrastructure of the Site

• Use the other user's account information act of login

• Screen act of disturbing the display (access analysis tag setting act to be used for purposes other than access analysis a., Including the act of using the ad tag setting for any purpose other than advertising)

Traffic exchange, the act of using the Otosafu

- To link farm registration or use the act of

· Act to be registered by using a disposable e-mail address

Act of induction to the point site

And other, the act of this service is determined to be inappropriate

■ use stop and deletion of this service

If applicable to the following items, without contact to the user's consent user, use stop of this service, and shall be able to delete.

System between New 5 days after, if this service is not completely logged

- From the last login If you have 120 days

• If the number of clicks article in a state that from the last login have passed 60 days of 200 or less in the last week

• If there is no click of articles in the last 10 days

If the reverse access ranking is not even 1 in-has elapsed from the last login 60 days state

Antenna operates as a site and has not been the case where the service determines

• If the other this service is determined to be malicious

■ cancellation of user credentials

If applicable to the following items, without contact to the user's consent user, and shall be able to cancel the user credentials.

• If you use unauthorized user credentials

• If you are likely to threaten the credit and the social status of this site act is discovered

• If this site and system using illegally

And other, if you violate any of the provisions of this Agreement

■ use of content

• The content of the antenna for any purpose shall be used without restriction

■ About Service

This service is subject to change without notice, or cancel the service has to offer.

If this service is applicable to the following, suspend some or all of the service, or you might want to stop.

• Periodic maintenance of this site and the network such as a system of relating to it, in the case of the update, as well as emergency

- By force majeure, such as fire, power failure, natural disaster, where the provision of services is difficult

And other, if this service is determined to be difficult to provide services due to unforeseen circumstances

Through these disadvantages to the user or a third party, if the damage occurs, this service will not assume its responsibilities.

■ Disclaimer

This service is for information and services provided, these integrity, accuracy, to the usefulness and fitness for purpose, and will not undertake any investigation that obligation and guarantee obligation. In addition, even if the damage caused by the information that has been provided (physical, mental, including property damage) occurs, this service will not assume any responsibility.

This service, the provision of state services, the possibility of access, about the state of the use, but you do the best efforts, we have not guaranteed.

Difficult to connect to this service, impossible, or if some or all of the service is incomplete, or not fully provided, this service will not assume this responsibility. Also user can connect to this site shall not be the pursuit of any responsibility for this service for the failure.

This service is user hand, does not make any guarantees beyond what is stipulated in this Agreement.